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We have individually contacted each of the companies listed below to ask them to clarify their policies on deleting data after an account is closed; we’ll update this chart if we learn more from the companies.Note that this text is taken from their policies as of the publication of this post, and these policies can change at any time!In some cases, a sophisticated attacker can actually rewrite the entire page.We gave a heart to the websites that keep their HTTPS websites free of mixed content and an X to the websites that don’t.

This means individuals who use these sites can be vulnerable to eavesdroppers when they use shared networks, as is typical in a coffee shop or library.

Uses secure cookies or HSTS For sites that require users to log in, the site may set a cookie in your browser containing authentication information that helps the site recognize that requests from your browser are allowed to access information in your account.

That’s why when you return to a site like Ok Cupid, you might find yourself logged in without having to provide your password again.

We also reviewed the privacy policies and terms of use for these sites to see how they handled sensitive user data after an individual closed her account.

About half of the time, the site’s policy on deleting data was vague or didn't discuss the issue at all.

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Then when your browser sends the cookies, the eavesdropper can record and then use them to take over your session with the site.

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