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He had told his mother he was going to divorce Amy.

He maintained that she was physically abusive to him and their children.

On the date of the murder/suicide he told his mother he was going to kill himself and Amy because his children would be better off.

She immediately called her other son and police to go to the house but the murder/suicide had already happened.

She had reported domestic abuse in 2003 but "dropped" the charges. Stanley called police May 5 to report that he hadn't seen his wife since the previous day when he left for work. There was an extensive search and flyers about the victim were distributed nationwide.

The victim's body was found in the Missouri River May 19.

He then burned their house down to the ground with her body still inside. She also had a head injury, bruised eye, and multiple old bruises covering her body.

The barrel was Tracy Tribble, 35, Beaten and asphyxiated to death in Council Bluffs by her husband, Stanley Tribble, 40.

The victim reported domestic abuse April 30 and charges were filed against Stanley May 11.

On the day of the murder, the victim went to the hospital with a black eye and swollen face.

She reported that the perpetrator had hit her and told her that he would kill her if she told the police.

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