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The Ex – Another sketch that featured more in the second series.A woman clings to the leg of her ex-boyfriend constantly (at work, a nightclub, and even clinging to his leg at his wedding etc.), telling him that she's still in love with him, and hopes to reconcile (unsuccessfully, however).The Fake Diabetic – A woman who fakes diabetic hypoglycemia so she can have special offers and free items at shops and supermarkets, and which the staff treat seriously. The Oblivious Women – Consists of three women (in different sketches) who are completely oblivious to very obvious things.Sketches included a dog-walking woman being asked to sign a petition so that owners could walk their dogs near the pond.This was at first represented by a title screen featuring a picture of the person, and their name and age. Irritating Flatmate – An irritating nurse who shares a flat with two of her colleagues.

The main performers on the show were Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan and Sally Phillips.Among the show's regular themes were unsuccessful relationships, competition in the workplace and latent lesbianism, but sketches would also dip into the surreal.Two regular strands involved a series of different women making dating agency videos about their general likes and dislikes, and a musical parody that would close the show.Others included a woman not realising she was pregnant until being asked to sign a petition affecting children.Singing Match – In this sketch, a woman sings along to a tune on the radio, only to be outshone completely by her co-worker who takes over in the following verse.

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