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Below is a selection of resources for searching for employment opportunities as a foreigner.

Browse through each of the sites for any teaching English job opportunities in Spain.

For information on visas for Spain, be sure to check out my Spain visa page.

In the web search results, Poly Meta displays the number of Facebook likes each web page has, along with a few images, videos, twitter posts, and blog posts.

A search engine with search result rankings based (at least in part) on the search results favoured by its users.

The search results include thumbnail images of the webpages, and a feedback box (called a Verbox) where users can rate a website (and check for older versions of the website, or have it translated).

Twitter results with links to webpages from that website are also displayed within the Verbox.

Search for spain dating search engine:

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There are also separate search sections for media (videos and images) and people (social media), and there is also a boards section.

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