Stop dating bad boys

He was sweet and upbeat, talkative and seemingly driven.

I nodded along to his stories as I took bites of my pasta, methodically peppering him with questions while revealing very little about myself.

For me, dating has always been about building a long-term connection—one that I had never been able sustain.

I subconsciously started to recognize how exhausted I was.

I let the pain sit inside me for a night, and then I’d try to block out all feeling the next morning.

Still, I spent months daydreaming that by offering a sparkling insight, by putting on a sexy dress, or by telling a hilarious joke, they'd see me for the incredible woman I was. They'd stop cheating, drinking, skipping work, or whatever their particular problem was and transform into Prince Charming. I changed so much that a friend's father commented, "What happened to you? If you find good men boring or 'too safe,' what does that say about you?

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If you’re not happy with the way things are currently going in your relationship, especially during the early stages, that’s a good sign that you should leave.

I continuously get hurt, but I’m attracted to them.

I used to have a gift for attracting the losers women affectionately refer to as bad boys. They gave me plenty to talk about with my friends over a slice and Coke at Nick's Pizza.

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You hemorrhage emotionally, both from the wounds of a breakup and the wounds he created during your time together. My ex would approach me whenever he saw me around—in a coffee shop, in a parking lot. He’d ask how I was, tell me “a lot had changed for him,” or that I met him “at a strange time in his life.” He would ask me to meet him again sometime, start over with purpose. But after months of false promises, I knew not to go down that road with my ex.

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