Stop mandating cfl

Stay with us for an interesting article in this regard authored by John Nichols who is a Washington correspondent for the Nation and associate editor of The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin.Donald Trump is assuming the presidency without a mandate from the people—and this fact drives him crazy.

You have a right to make informed health decisions for you and your family, and any governmental body that limits a patient’s ability to make their own decision is in direct violation of medical ethics.

For the tens of millions of Americans preparing to oppose his administration and its draconian policies, this is not merely a salient detail; it’s an essential tool of resistance.

This ego-driven inflexibility is a constant of Trumpism. He and his aides recognize this fact, fear this fact, and push back against it with a desperation that illustrates their vulnerability.

The forced vaccination laws are coming fast and furious: California has passed a law ending parental exemtions against vaccination for their children.

The US Senate has passed a bill compelling veterans to accept more than 90 vaccines to continue to receive treatment.

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