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" If you see it getting out of hand, she notes, ask yourself whose wedding it really is.

You should be putting in equal percentages, not equal amounts of money. Those separate accounts leave both of you with other money that you should be able to do what you want with, without having to ask your spouse each time and create resentment.""That is their responsibility to pay off.Talk to them constantly about money and finances, and be honest.Have those conversations that are hard to have—and compromise.""One thing that makes you a great parent is when you teach your children self-respect and self-responsibility for money.I have an alternative way of thinking about that—the advice that I give is a little different."Below, Orman's top five tips on making your wedding and marriage financially sound:"Don't spend money you don't have for people you (or your fiance) barely know.Make the day a respectable day for yourselves and your financial situation.

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