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Fulguromorpha and Cicadomorpha appear in the Upper Permian, as do Sternorrhyncha of the Psylloidea and Aleurodoidea. The Coleorrhyncha extend back to the Lower Jurassic.

The defining feature of hemipterans is their "beak" in which the modified mandibles and maxillae form a "stylet" which is sheathed within a modified labium.

The tymbals are drumlike disks of cuticle, which are clicked in and out repeatedly, making a sound in the same way as popping the metal lid of a jam jar in and out.

Many species of aphid are also viviparous: the young are born live rather than laid as eggs.Instead, their young are called nymphs, and resemble the adults to a greater or less degree.The nymphs moult several times as they grow, and each instar resembles the adult more than the previous one.Although the Hemiptera vary widely in their overall form, their mouthparts form a distinctive "rostrum".Other insect orders with mouthparts modified into anything like the rostrum and stylets of the Hemiptera include some Phthiraptera, but for other reasons they generally are easy to recognize as non-hemipteran.

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Both herbivorous and predatory hemipterans inject enzymes to begin digestion extraorally (before the food is taken into the body).

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