Updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter

With Insert, there is guaranteed only 1 record involved, but not always with Update. NB: the Art Nr field in the Where-clause is a primary key with a Unique index. You are right, there is precious little on the web in the way of help for updates on BLOBs in Oracle. My guess is this might also come in handy if you are updating multiple LOBs. The link was also helpful to me, and setting Bind By Name=true worked. If you would be so kind to mention the alternative of setting Bind By Name I will accept your answer as a complete solution.

By the way, I find it worrysome that there are lots of code examples for Insert BLOB on the internet, but I could not find one for Update BLOB.

I finally had the unfortunateness to be the next victim to this. Trying to over come the limitation of not being able use oracle parameters to pass in the clob to a stored proc yet still need to avoid running dynamic sql was quite a challenge.

Attempting to use Enterprise Library the way it’s intended to write to oracle with LOBs is just pretty much out of the question. I found nothing that specifically outlined my result.

After we get the column we’re going to write to it as a stream (which is why we converted the xml String to a byte array), call comit to save the xml or lob and close the connection.As a software developer sadly we are still bogged down by data access layers to legacy databases (Oracle 10g for this example).Now I’m sure many of you are questioning my calling oracle 10g a “legacy” system but with LINQ2SQL I am praying for the death of this behemoth forever.I spent about 3 days researching this and could not find a clear example in one place on the interwebs so I hope this helps save you alot of time and headache.So in conclusion it’s possible to write an Oracle clob using only .

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