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Drag and drop the update to the removable drive that popped up.We all crave the creature comforts of a cozy, well-designed home.) 25% faster than any other e Reader Best-Text Technology for sharper, ultra-crisp fonts (450ms refresh rate vs the 600ms refresh rate of the Kindle) Longer batter life – read for over 2 months on a single charge (based on an hour of reading per day) Ongoing enhancments and other performance improvments (?) I’m not sure these were the exact updates that folks were hoping for, though the “ongoing enhancements” piece is vague enough to leave the door open for many other things.By Corey Sandler The NOOK Tablet software may change because B&N needs to fix problems, or it wants to add new features.In most cases, the updates automatically get put on the tablet when you connect over Wi Fi to the Barnes & Noble website.Either way, I went ahead and installed the update without a problem and everything seems to be running nice and fast.

Once the software is installed, your NOOK will reboot itself back to the Home screen or the last screen you were on.

Anyone who has done a major renovation can attest to the unexpected costs and immense mess that it creates.

How can we update our homes while bypassing major renovations?

To help out first time users of the device who might be struggling I’ve decided to post a new series of tutorials.

The goal of these article is to provide users with detailed step-by-step instructions for completing specific tasks on the nook.

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