User control not updating on postback

The problem is that existing JSF components don't automatically support these new attributes and have to be updated in order to recognize them.This would be rather logical, if only those components really had to "support" them.JSF 2.0 made GET requests a first class citizen in JSF and brought it almost on par with the existing POST support.Just as after a post-back, request values from a GET request can be bound to a model and converters and validators can be applied to that binding.

View actions are going to allow the same kind of action methods that are used for post-backs to be useable via a new metadata element called .This currently consists of the Client Id and the Flow Id separated by an underscore.Commits for this feature have been done between 29/mar/12 and 07/jun/12. Their purpose is to attach (small) amounts of data to HTML elements, which aren't rendered but instead can be read by using Java Script. The proposed final draft was posted on March 15, 2013 and the final vote was passed on April 17, 2013.Originally it had an anticipated release of the final draft of the spec in Q4 2011 (see Jsf 2 2-bof, slide 3 and JSR 344: Java Server Faces 2.2).

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