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In a 2009 interview, Gossip Girl creator Cecily von Ziegesar claimed to identify with Blair the most, stating, "She is so unpredictable and dramatic.Such a bitch, but we understand why she is a bitch and we like her anyway".Leighton Meester, who portrayed the character in the television drama, has described Blair as being insecure about her social status.Blair has been compared to vintage film and literary figures, including Becky Sharp and Lizzie Eustace.Throughout most of the series' run, Blair grapples with a number of changes within her family.Two years prior to the opening novel, Blair's parents divorced after her father ran off with another man.

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Among fans and the media, Blair's bond with Chuck Bass was commonly known by the portmanteau "Chair", while her relationship with Dan Humphrey was referred to as "Dair".

The nicknames and viewer interest in these relationships were recognized by the show's producers.

When her mother remarries, and her father leaves the country, Blair has difficulty accepting her stepfather.

In addition, her stress over these matters occasionally affects her other relationships.

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