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This list of famous people who have talked or written about hearing voices includes: Gandhi, Socrates, Joan of Arc, Freud, Anthony Hopkins, Philip K Dick, John Frusciante, Carlos Santana, Robert Schumann, John Forbes Nash, Zoe Wannamaker and Charles Dickens.We’re all unique, so it’s unsurprising that voices and visions can be equally individual in terms of their identity, content, interpretation and impact. If you don’t recognise your experience here, that doesn’t mean you’re ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’. These voices can be male, female, genderless, old or young. Voices can speak constantly (24/7), but they can also utter occasional words or phrases.A number of famous and important people (past and present) have experience of hearing or seeing things that other people don’t.

If you include one off experiences (like hearing someone call your name when you’re out shopping, or feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket) this figure goes up to 75%.Sometimes, it can seem as if people or objects are changing shape.Their faces may turn to stone, they may be surrounded by a coloured aura or, for example, their eyes may change colour.hearing a crowd of people jeering at you, or discussing intimate details of your life). These visions can be very clear and realistic, but they can also include fuzzy shapes, shadows and beams of light.Some people see the voices that they hear, others see insects or spiders.

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