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Throughout his journey, Izzard explored the history of South Africa and Mandela and visited communities, organisations and families that have all been helped by the work of Comic Relief.He is pictured on Day 25These days, Izzard dubs himself an ‘action transvestite’.He left the stilettos at home for his latest challenge — ‘Women don’t wear high heels when they run, either’ — though his nails were painted red.He employed several unorthodox techniques to help him complete the distance, which is equivalent to running from John O’Groats to Land’s End, with a detour into Cardiff halfway through.

You human beings who’ve had genocide, war against people of different creeds, colors, religions, and I stole a biscuit?! Have another biscuit, sorry.” ― Eddie Izzard, “So the American government lied to the Native Americans for many, many years, and then President Clinton lied about a relationship, and everyone was surprised! ” ― Eddie Izzard “We stole countries with the cunning use of flags.

” ― Eddie Izzard, “If you commit perjury I don't care. And our copilot today is a flask of coffee.” ― Eddie Izzard “So in Europe, we had empires.

Perjury One is when you're saying there's no Holocaust when, you know, 10 million people have died in it, and Perjury Nine, is when you said you shagged someone and you didn't.” ― Eddie Izzard “This is your captain speaking. We'll be cruising at a height of ten feet, going up to twelve and a half feet if we see anything big.

7pm in German | 8pm in French | 9pm in English Eddie first performed his 333 shows in Caen, Normandy on 6th June 2014 - the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

He is performing the shows in support of the STRONGER IN EUROPE campaign.

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Revealing his hobby had no impact on his career — if anything, his fanbase grew — and over the years Izzard, who has homes in London and Los Angeles, amassed a fortune of £12.5 million.

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