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The TV series continues the story of the motion picture of the same name.Teen movie couples are important; so important in fact that we just spent hours of our precious time ranking the best ones from the years 2000-2009. The glorious decade of low-rise jeans, capri's and slightly-tinted-but-mostly-clear sunglasses gave us many wonderful things like AIM and Destiny's Child. Here is our list from worst to best and we're sorry if you disagree with your number one spot.Studied with Nancy Chartier in Dallas for two years before going to L. for his first pilot season, where he signed with a manager and booked a recurring role on "Run of the House"- the first of many series to come.When Jake Mc Dorman heard Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper wanted him for the lead of “Limitless” — the CBS drama based on Cooper’s 2011 film — his first thought was, “Bulls–t.” Though Mc Dorman, 29, and Cooper co-starred in “American Sniper,” the Dallas native didn’t believe the actor was pulling for him until Cooper cornered him at an Oscars afterparty and sold him on the part.We don't care if the Twi-hards hate us, because deep down, even you know it's true. Lizzie and Gordo, These two were insanely adorable, but this 2000s couple didn't really have lasting power.

These couples taught us how to love, or in some cases, just how to like We only picked couples from movies that more or less took place in high school and/or were specifically about teenagers.

Mc Dorman was born in Dallas, Texas, the son of Deborah Gale (née Stallings) and John Allen Mc Dorman III.

He has a younger sister, Morgan, and an older half-sister, Amanda.

He also played the lead role in the 2011 Lifetime movie The Craigslist Killer.

In 2015, he stars in CBS's Limitless as Brian Finch, a young man who uses a mysterious drug called "NZT" to enhance his intelligence to help the FBI solve cases.

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