Who was tila tequila dating that died

Tila Tequila surprised her fans last week by revealing she’s diving straight into motherhood by welcoming step-children and expecting a child of her own. (As far as we can tell, Tila and her man haven’t tied the knot.

Howevar, it should be noted that we are all guilty of downloading softcore lesbian porn of the alien before she got on television. In there, she got a body covered in tattoos, making her look like a complete skank, rather than a minor skank.

So, legally speaking, she isn’t a step-mom yet.) Tila said of the picture, “This is my baby’s big sister and she looks exactly like her Daddy who is also my baby’s Daddy! LOL Awww we are going to have such a lovely, beautiful, and loving family!

” Some Internet sleuths got digging and quickly realized that picture is also the background on the Twitter page of a Georgia musician named Thomas Whitaker. “Tila has a wonderful relationship with my daughters, Sierra, Jenna, and Brianna… We are all very happy about the arrival of a new addition to our family, and about the blessing of the birth of a child into the world.” Thomas’ statement actually indicates he has three daughters already — although Tila just mentioned two.

WARNING: Authentic comments culled from Tila Tequila's profile and photographs follow. Lesbians from Tila's show came to hit on the fugly sluts and in the end his girl of choice, Megan, dumped his faggy ass.

Encyclopædia Dramatica will not be held responsible for any self-inflicted bodily harm resulting from the reading of these comments. After two seasons of Tila fail, MTV invited the Icky twins for their shot at love.

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After that, she got breast implants and became famous through a career in porn -- both of which she now tries to hide from everyone.

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